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Over 30 years experience with outboard rebuild engines.  We work on ALL brands

Overhauls and Rebuilds

We do carburetor overhauls, lower unit service, and tune-ups.  We also do rebuilds of lower units, short blocks, dressed power-heads and complete outboards. We do outboard rebuilds and outboard overhauls.

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Four-year warranty

We are confident in our abilities and back our work with a no-fault four-year warranty for you outboard rebuild, your outboard overhaul and boat repair.

What a few customers are saying

Aaron, Long Island

 Good Day to everyone at  Eastcoast Outboard. Just a few lines to say thank you for the quick response to our boat repair with the Lower Unit. It put our boys back on the water and for that we thank you.  

Eric, Albemarle

 You rebuilt my 1992, 60 HP Evinrude last
February. It was the one where you installed the aluminum plates on the
transom on the back of the pontoon boat. I hope your you, yours, and your
business are all doing well.
Anyway, I had it in the water last
weekend, it ran great! Thanks for a doing a good job! Best outboard rebuild

John, NY

Update on 250 Yamaha outboard you rebuilt.  Kent (my son) ran it back to Southampton, a run of about 25 miles and he reported that the motor ran "GREAT".   
So it would seem that at last the long arduous ordeal of a poor performing motor has come to an end.  Great Outboard Rebuild.

I thank you Joe, for being a responsible man who honors his commitments 

Jamie, VA

  I had east coast outboard rebuild my motor and fix the electronics on my 1988 ranger. Without a doubt he is the best mechanic in the world, bar none. Prices and warranty are in a field all of its own and he is honest as the day is long.  He is very accurate in assessments on boats and motors. My ranger with v-6 is running like a Texas tornado and it is unbelievable how its purring like a cat. Feel free to call me for a personal recommendation.  


 East Coast Outboards, I don't know if you consider growing in my opinion you should. Ive dealt with alot of boat people in my 60 years and you guys treated me like family though I don't prefer your BBQ. Ill tell everyone about you guys! Good Boat repair and outboard overhaul!Gus 

Jacobs, FL

 I called Joe a couple of months back and ask for a couple of references and he gladly gave me some. After calling them I sent my boat and motor to him and I'm glad I did. Down here in Florida we have more people that work on boats than anywhere else it seems. However my wife made me send it to North Carolina and after 6 months I'm still as happy as when I bought the boat. Thanks ECO. A Jacobs Tampa Fl Outboard rebuild

Don't miss another season due to mechanical issues


Complete Rebuild

Simplest and fastest way to address issues. Outboard rebuild includes boring cylinders, replacing pistons/piston rings, new plugs and thermostats, changing gear oil on the lower unit, carburetor rebuild and dressing/undressing

Carburetor Overhauls

Carburetor must be in good working order to perform.  A carburetor can become damaged or contaminated by water, fuel line degradation or rust.  With an overhaul, we disassemble the carburetor, clean the passages, remove the jets and clean all surfaces before using OEM parts for reassembly. Also included with outboard rebuild. 

Lower Unit Service

The lower unit (or "foot") of the outboard that contains the prop and gear case.  We can rebuild it, service it or just tune-it up. Let us do your boat repair! 

Powerhead Rebuilds

Once your powerhead has started sounding rough, it is time to either buy a reconditioned one or rebuild it.  A rebuild is usually far less expensive and with our warranty you can have peace of mind. Remove the worry and let us handel your outboard rebuild or outboard overhaul.

Short Block Rebuild

This option allows us to work on some of your engine. Check out our Outboard rebuild!


We can perform the tune-up work for you.   This is vital for your motor to work at its best. Bring us your boat repair!

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