WE bore, hone and deburr
every block. We only use OEM parts and give you the choice of boring all or just the cylinders with low compression.
All EFI and Fuel Injected Motors get injectors cleaned and the bad cylinder injector replacd for an
additional cost. All Carburator Motors we recomended to block off OIl Injector.


                                                   Complete OutBoard Rebuild
Pistons, Rings, Bearings, Crank Seals, Carbs rebuilt, New Gaskets, Polished and Cleaned  Crankshaft, Thermostates, Heads Milled if needed, Block Painted and Impeller and Pressure testing on Lower Unit. Powerhead is the same minus the Impeller and Pressure Testing
   WE also rebuild and service most lower units, we also are a SEI Dealer. Call today 
At AAA OutBoard we service and repair all Outboard engines. We tune it up, clean carbs, replace filters, change oil, replace the impellar, new gear oil and other repairs. Call and set your appointment. 336-313-0300 Let us rebuild your OutBoard.
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