Our Complete Motor Waranty is for 6 years. 

Our Powerhead warranty is the same as our complete rebuild warraty. 


Call today or 6 years from now and we will still be here for you! Our past customers can attest to this!
Just because they give you a warranty doesn't mean you have one. Call us today 336-313-0300336-313-0300 A Warranty is only as good as the Person backing it. With that said certain conditions do apply so always ask first about your OutBoard.

Our OutBoard Rebuild Warranty is for a full 6 years. We not only value your business , we value your friends and family. You don't get that without excellent service and a warranty with teeth. With that being said if you run your motor hot enough to score cylinders or without oil or with injectors or carburetors not working correctly with AAA OutBoards rebuild warranty you are covered! Thats right! Call today and get all the information!!. So do preventive maintenance and your motor will last a very long time.
Certain restrictions apply.
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